Monday, June 29, 2009

Butterfly Specimen Necklaces

Me and Flavs do need best friend necklaces... these are perfect... if anyone was wondering...literally anything from Bona drag is fine.


Alyssa Mae said...

Ohhhh too perfect! I have a bunch of pretty butterflies that were in a frame, but my kitties broke it. And now I just have a bunch of butterfly bits that I can't throw away, they are just too pretty.

I know what to do nooowwww! Except I think I've got a bit of a different spin on it =)

BTW, it's Alyssa. Thanks for sharing your blog with me Leah, it's amazing!

Leah and Flavia said...

i'm glad you like it alyssa! thanks for the kind words =)

Flavia said...

oh my gosh, can we PLEASE get these as bestie necklaces?!?!?!? i'm dying!!!

love you!

The Moldy BRead said...

These are SO cool! Good idea, I will definitely be looking into those. xx