Thursday, June 11, 2009

Treasure Hunting:

Yesterday I enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of thrifting with one of my fav cuties, Alex. We pretty much hit all of the Gainesville hot-spots, and found some great things along the way. I think I spent a grand total of $25. Here are some of the treasures I found:

First and foremost, I can't be happier about the amazing wooden coat rack I found! I've been desperately searching for one of these for soo long, and I finally found one. It's going to be covered with my favorite scarves and purses in no time.

I found this black blazer for $2! It's identical to the "Urban Renewal" blazers at UO.
I think that I am going to cover this one in vintage brooches.

Another $2 blazer. I like that this one is long, and you can't tell by the pose in this picture but it is really slim-fitting. It's my first grey blazer. I wish it wasn't so hot out!

Here is a great clutch that I found for $2 at the bottom of a huge bin. I love it because it is really textured and has brass hardware on it. The best part is that its huge, so I can actually lug all of my stuff around in it. I also found that cute little grey, reptile embossed belt.

See...muy grande.

Ok, these may be my favorite find...VINTAGE BLOOMERS!! I love these and I am so glad that I finally found a pair in hot pink! The bottoms are lace ruffles and the top is all rouched. Do you think these are too rediculous to wear out? I'm honestly not sure if I care, they may just be too cute not to actually take out on the town. Either way, I will cherish them.

Well, those are my latest gems. Have you guys had any luck thrifting lately? I've been having a pretty good run this summer. Things are getting a little hectic now that it's getting closer and closer to my trip! I need to start preparing my packing list. Well, I've got a date soo, good night! Oh, and about the hair...all I have is dinky iPhone pictures from the day I got my hair cut, so I guess I can post those until I get some better ones. My hair has grown into a pretty nifty 80's poof. Well, comment with your thoughts, they're always appreciated.


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Zaira said...

hello i am soo jealous that i missed thrift circuit! you got some great steals girly! loving the bloomers wear them out asap.

ps also jealous about this aa rummage sale, pick me up some goodies girl you know my size!

pss meet me in italia