Monday, June 15, 2009

Must-read blogs

So, on Mondays and Wednesdays.... I work at my internship, which is a tiny PR firm in Orlando, FL. Essentially, all I do for six hours two times a week is lurk the Internet. This has greatly expanded my Google reade,r and I thought it might help you expand yours as well.

By the way, if you don't already have an RSS reader, go ahead and make a Google account now, so you can add the links below that you enjoy. It will revolutionize the way you read blogs and other web sites.

A list of fashion news blogs/web sites:

The Cut is my all time favorite for news.

Fashionologie will teach you everything about the newest model/designer news

Coutorture highlights designers like crazy.

The Supermelon has great blogger features, which have led me to some of my favorites.

The Fashion Spot of course.

Street Style blogs:

Face Hunter. I love street style blogs that aren't based in the U.S. Don't get my wrong, people in New York are dressed beautifully, but I love to see how people in Antwerp and Copenhagen dress.

Jak and Jil Blog is my obsession. You'll see why.

Citizen Couture has pretty pictures.

Stil in Berlin is soo amazing.

The Sartorialist was the first fashion blog I added to my RSS reader. Seriously, if you're not reading this blog then you're lost in the blogosphere. It's super popular, yet hasn't been ruined by it.


The Urban Collection Blog. I put this on my reader so I'd know when they update, but here's the link to the actual store.

Shop Toast is Fashion Toast's resale blog where she sells off her clothes.

Shoes and Your Mom kills it. They always have the best deals on designer goods.

Liebemarlene Vintage has such pretty style and sells awesome stuff on eBay.

The Banger Bloggers: These are the ones you absolutely have to read. Although it must be said: I have a real love/hate relationships with these bloggers.

Sea of Shoes makes me want to live and die at the same time. Check out her last post on her new Chanel shoes....ugh.

Karla's Closet is one of my favorites.

Fashion Toast is an extremely popular blog but I kind of have issues with her style and so does Flavia. I read it anyway.

Childhood Flames is a written by a girl I'd really like to meet. She's about 15 and isn't arrogant about her blogging. I learned how to shred t-shirts from her video tutorial, so I love her forever.

The Glamourai is ridiculously beautiful and i hate/love her.

Style Bubble is kind of an blogger icon.


Aphex Nation is written by a pretty young lady from Australia.

BLEACH BLACK has awesome D.I.Y. projects and such if you're into that.

Calikartel has the best fashion spreads.

Lulu and your mom is the mother blog of Shoes and your mom

Mademoiselle Robot was my inspiration for scarf necklackes. She's so lovely.

SHOELUST is exactly what the name represents.

Song of Style has cute style. I like to see what she wears around San Fran.

The Coveted will teach you things about fashion AND beauty. I really like that aspect of it. has cool celeb style and how-to-wear posts.

VICE Fashion Blog is just as ridiculous as the magazine.

NAST magazine is in French but it has gorgeous photos.

Friendz Blogz: They need to post more though!

The Brooklyn Avocado is my long-time friend Chris' blog. He lives in Brooklyn, obviously, and he'll teach you how to cook the natural way =)

The Moldy Bread is Flavia's long-time friend Lindsay's food blog. She's been neglecting it, but hopefully will pick back up soon.

Christopher Garland is my only kiwi friend's travel blog. He's quite the little journo.

And so it goes... is my friend Natasha's blog. Although I always thought the name was "On a scale of 1 to 10 griff, how drunk are you?" because that's how it shows up on my reader hahah.

The More That I Do is our friend Thomas' music blog... he's also known as the best DJ in Gainesville, according to the writers of this blog.

Popcorn Noises is our friend Sean's music blog. He's a little cutie.

Hope you enjoy looking at these! Tell us what your favorite blogs are. I always want new/pretty/fun blogs to read.



natasha said...

Yay, thanks! Haha and I don't know why it still has the old title on other peoples feeds! I have yet to figure out

natasha said...

PS I just opened a gazillion new tabs with all of these links. Perfect post for a rainy day.

Leah and Flavia said...

oh good! i'm so glad. link me some if you want.