Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Orlando has treated me pretty well lately

So listen, I got this coat rack the same day Flavia posted about hers... we have the weirdest best friend/purchase coincidences. We've both been dying for coat racks for the longest time and I think both of ours suit our styles well. I got mine for $10 at Urban Outfitters... and they're usually $70. Don't ask me why it was so cheap. There's nothing at all wrong with it. Oh, and this was taken in a cute little nook in my parents' house.

A watercolor high-waisted skirt to add to the ever-growing collection
Forever 21, $16

floral bib necklace
Forever 21, $8

Me and Flavs are obsessed with those little mesh, old lady purses like the wallet on the left. I couldn't believe when I found one in wallet form! The other one is pretty small but I actually used it as a clutch the other night when I went out.
Both wallets were $2 from Community Thrift Store on Edgewater Drive. holla.

I've been living out of this satchel ever since I bought it. I believe it's a men's satchel, but of course that's why I like it. Menswear has my heart.
satchel from Community Thrift, $2

Ahhhh I love brogues. I got these today from Etoile Boutique on Robinson St. Etoile has a mix of vintage/local/handmade goods. I feel compelled to support the local stores because I've always worked for small boutiques/businesses, and they really need it most.
vintage brogues, $18

Although I should be saving money for my upcoming train trip across the eastern U.S. (Chicago, NYC, Baltimore, and D.C.), of course, I'm not. So, this is what has resulted from "saving money" for my trip. Good thing I have a damn job now. Oh yeah! I got a job at a boutique called Thread on Park Ave. in Winter Park. Go there if you live in the area... I work weekends... the bitch shift, yes.

In sad news, my darling Flavia is about to leave me for 6 weeks. I don't know how I'm going to cope with it. It's hard enough being 1.5 hours away, but hopefully she will post about beautiful things from Italia! Be safe, my love.

Love you all,

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