Thursday, June 4, 2009



Do any of you readers ever go to the Neon Liger on Saturday nights? 
If so, let me know! I'd love to dance and hang out with you : )
If not, you should definitely check it out! It's a lot of fun because you get to dress up and dance the night away. 

The reason I ask is because these are a couple of polaroids that me and one of my besties, Zaira, took after last week's Neon Liger celebration. I wore my sparkly new tunic! It's a little silly, but from what I heard it was a big hit. Zaira looked super cute in this figure skater dress I got her. The coolest part is that she jazzed the outfit up by layering a DIY tutu underneath! Genius! We are in the midst of creating bigger and better tutus to layer under our basics. I think it completely changes the look of an outfit. 

This is Ben, Zaira's cutie boyfriend. I wanted to post this pola of him because I want boys all over the world to get this extremely important memo:
Wear Gingham! 
It's just the way to go. You can go ultra-casual and cute, or you can dress it up with some skinnies and a pair of oxfords. Either way, it's a great look. You can thrift it with ease, but lots of stores like Urban Outfitters and Express have it by the truck-load. 

I have some neat close-ups of the tunic that I have to scan. I wish I had more to post about, but I've been saving all of my $$$ for Italy, so I don't have many treasures to show all of you. Either way, I won't let you down! Expect some up-coming DIY posts! 


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