Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Picture Me Documentary

Picture Me Trailer

I want to see this soo badly! It's a documentary about sexual assault in the modeling world. Read more about it on Fashionologie.

OH and have you heard about iPhone OS 3.0? Picture messaging, voice control, "find my iPhone" feature, cut/copy/paste, and video capturing! MMS is going to be crucial to mine and Flavia's shopping adventures. No longer will we have to e-mail pictures to one another. Unfortunately, MMS is not available for first generation iPhones... so I'm going to have to buy the new one when it comes out June 19. It would be exceptionally convenient for my upcoming train trip across the eastern U.S.! I want to document everything with video.

P.S. everyone convince Flavs to post pictures of her beautiful haircut. She's practically a skinhead if you didn't already know.



1 comment:

K. Michel said...

$50,000 a day, eh?

Miss Leah, Miss Flavia... I believe I'm in the wrong business.

--And I didn't catch the reference to sexual assault, babes.