Friday, June 5, 2009


Hey, loves!

I've been on the lookout for statement jewelry, but of course something budget friendly. Around the end of spring semester I really wanted to DIY a bib necklace because they were all over the fashion week runways, but never got the time or aquired all of the perfect charms to do so. In the meantime, I came across this ornate floral bib necklace at Forever21, and thought it would do the trick!

I really like it because each tiny flower is unique, and they are all adorned with little gems and pearls. I also really like the asymmetrical shape. I've been very inspired by over-the-top Marie Antoinette style accessories lately.

Here's a close-up. Not bad for Forever21, right? I think it was a whopping $8.30. I'm sorry about the fuzzy iPhone photos! My digi keeps dying on me so I'm in the midst of buying a new camera before my trip.

I find a lot of beautiful bib necklaces on Etsy, but of course I can't indulge until I return to the motherland. I might make an attempt at some fabric bib necklaces before I go. Has anyone else fallen in love with this style? Fill me in!



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Sam said...

I'm shocked that was only $8.30 and from Forever21! Usually I just buy cheap charm necklaces, but many I need to try one of these bib ones

Gretch said...

Love love love it! TJ maxx surprisingly has lots of stuff like this, and Kohls has a million sales always on lots of jewelry, check it