Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Train Trip!

Chicago first... we're flying there, thank god.
then a mere 20-hour ride to NYC...staying in the BK
next is Baltimore
and finally DC!
All on one of these!

I'm going with one of my oldest friends, Brittany, and we've already resigned ourselves to full-blown zombiedom on the ride to NYC and back home from DC. Hopefully we'll meet some interesting characters/real jokes on the rides so we don't go totally insane. 20 hours really is a long time....shit. I'll be sure to post amazing treasures from my trip when I return in two weeks!

P.S. i need to buy pepper spray for real.


Monday, June 29, 2009

Butterfly Specimen Necklaces

Me and Flavs do need best friend necklaces... these are perfect... if anyone was wondering...literally anything from Bona drag is fine.

Friday, June 26, 2009


Here's another one for the boys...

Well, my main squeeze is totally obsessed with funky footwear. I love shoe shopping with him because he gets shoes that even I might not be daring enough to wear. I think it's great when guys wear bold footwear because you just ooze a great sense of personal style. Here are a few pairs of my boyfriend's recently acquired sneaks:

Patterned Converse...
I love that each shoe is unique!

Generic Surplus Boat-Shoe/Slip-Ons
(This is the right way to wear the boat-shoe style)

Limited Edition "Paint-By-Numbers" Vans Slip-Ons
(These were a gift from me!)

J.Crew Leather Wing-Tips....So beautiful in person!

Converse by John Varvatos Wing Tip Slip-On

Seafoam Zuriick Chukka Boots

New shoes are an excellent way to spruce up a laid-back summer wardrobe. Wearing colorful slip-ons or structured sneakers will just liven up your basics and give you a more put together, fashion-forward look. Lurk Zappos.com or Urban Outfitters for unique shoes. Also, I love the more urban, street-style brands that sites like Karmaloop.com carry! Don't be afraid to experiment when it comes to footwear, boys. It's usually worth it!


Random Thoughts:

This is a scatterbrained post, but I thought I'd write about a few things that I've been really lovin' during my last week or so in Gainesville:

My boyf and I spent a few afternoons pool-side last week because the early evening weather was so beautiful and perfect for a quick dip. I found this vintage-inspired bathing suit in the back of my closet and am just smitten with it! This beauty is definitely coming to Italy with me.

I call these my "adventurer booties". I love them because the leather is really worn, and I found them for $2 dollars at a thrift store. The best part? They fulfilled the need that I had for these lovely Jeffrey Campbells. I got the look for WAY less.

Lastly, I've really been loving cutesie, exaggerated hair accessories. I've made all of these using feathers, bows, vintage bow-ties, and random things that I yank off of old headbands and dresses. I definitely want to make bigger and better hair-candy when I get back!

In 24 hours, I'll be in Roma...eep!


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Orlando has treated me pretty well lately

So listen, I got this coat rack the same day Flavia posted about hers... we have the weirdest best friend/purchase coincidences. We've both been dying for coat racks for the longest time and I think both of ours suit our styles well. I got mine for $10 at Urban Outfitters... and they're usually $70. Don't ask me why it was so cheap. There's nothing at all wrong with it. Oh, and this was taken in a cute little nook in my parents' house.

A watercolor high-waisted skirt to add to the ever-growing collection
Forever 21, $16

floral bib necklace
Forever 21, $8

Me and Flavs are obsessed with those little mesh, old lady purses like the wallet on the left. I couldn't believe when I found one in wallet form! The other one is pretty small but I actually used it as a clutch the other night when I went out.
Both wallets were $2 from Community Thrift Store on Edgewater Drive. holla.

I've been living out of this satchel ever since I bought it. I believe it's a men's satchel, but of course that's why I like it. Menswear has my heart.
satchel from Community Thrift, $2

Ahhhh I love brogues. I got these today from Etoile Boutique on Robinson St. Etoile has a mix of vintage/local/handmade goods. I feel compelled to support the local stores because I've always worked for small boutiques/businesses, and they really need it most.
vintage brogues, $18

Although I should be saving money for my upcoming train trip across the eastern U.S. (Chicago, NYC, Baltimore, and D.C.), of course, I'm not. So, this is what has resulted from "saving money" for my trip. Good thing I have a damn job now. Oh yeah! I got a job at a boutique called Thread on Park Ave. in Winter Park. Go there if you live in the area... I work weekends... the bitch shift, yes.

In sad news, my darling Flavia is about to leave me for 6 weeks. I don't know how I'm going to cope with it. It's hard enough being 1.5 hours away, but hopefully she will post about beautiful things from Italia! Be safe, my love.

Love you all,

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Just A Trim:

This past friday I got a little touch-up hair cut because I don't want my hair to get too grown-out and crazy while I'm in Italy. Sooo, here are the results:

It's pretty straight here, but when I let my natural hair texture run wild, I can create a really neat, wavy mohawk on top of my head.

My hair has grown out a bit since the real chop that I had done last month. The sides of my head were shaved, so it was a little bit edgier. I like how it's grown out though, the new soft pieces add to the tough vs sweet duality that I was going for.

Here is what the original cut was:

Now that I look at it, I kind of want to shave the sides again. I think I'm just being wishy-washy because I'm about to leave the continent. Packing for 6 weeks hasn't been as horrible as I had anticipated. Pretty much I'm bringing along an arsenal of high-waisted skirts, a few flirty dresses, lace/ruffled/flowy tops, and leotards. I'm throwing in maybe one pair of jeans, some leggings, and a pair of high-waisted shorties. Maybe I'll do a luggage post? I dunno...

This weekend was wonderful by the way! Spend some time with my darling Leah on Thursday, had an arts&craft/blogger day with Alex on Friday, then hung out with my boyf and the Tallest Man on Earth on Saturday night. Sunday was laid back, went to the pool and took romantic strolls. I hope that I get the chance to do a lot of blogging in Rome. Also, I just got Skype! This is all too exciting/nervous/sad? A mix of emotions I suppose. I guess I should stop babbling and get back to packing.


Oh and by the way, ruffles and bows are my summer staples if you hadn't already noticed in the photos. In the first two photos I'm wearing a vintage ruffled Betsey Johnson dress (from the REAL NYC trip last summer!), and in the iPhone pics I am wearing a silk ruffled blouse from UO and Betsey Johnson bow earings.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More Beautiful/Unattainable Things:

Why is everyone obsessed with black? After lurking through the Resort 2010 collections, my passion for technicolor and everything girly has been fully re-charged. All I want to wear now are printed playsuits, drapey tops, and skirts and dresses that make me look like a glittering bon-bon. Here's a peek at my favorite collections:

Isaac Mizrahi:

Stella McCartney:


I'm going to need to create my own version of these looks, asap. Time to bust out all of my hair bows and flower corsages!


Monday, June 15, 2009

Must-read blogs

So, on Mondays and Wednesdays.... I work at my internship, which is a tiny PR firm in Orlando, FL. Essentially, all I do for six hours two times a week is lurk the Internet. This has greatly expanded my Google reade,r and I thought it might help you expand yours as well.

By the way, if you don't already have an RSS reader, go ahead and make a Google account now, so you can add the links below that you enjoy. It will revolutionize the way you read blogs and other web sites.

A list of fashion news blogs/web sites:

The Cut is my all time favorite for news.

Fashionologie will teach you everything about the newest model/designer news

Coutorture highlights designers like crazy.

The Supermelon has great blogger features, which have led me to some of my favorites.

The Fashion Spot of course.

Street Style blogs:

Face Hunter. I love street style blogs that aren't based in the U.S. Don't get my wrong, people in New York are dressed beautifully, but I love to see how people in Antwerp and Copenhagen dress.

Jak and Jil Blog is my obsession. You'll see why.

Citizen Couture has pretty pictures.

Stil in Berlin is soo amazing.

The Sartorialist was the first fashion blog I added to my RSS reader. Seriously, if you're not reading this blog then you're lost in the blogosphere. It's super popular, yet hasn't been ruined by it.


The Urban Collection Blog. I put this on my reader so I'd know when they update, but here's the link to the actual store.

Shop Toast is Fashion Toast's resale blog where she sells off her clothes.

Shoes and Your Mom kills it. They always have the best deals on designer goods.

Liebemarlene Vintage has such pretty style and sells awesome stuff on eBay.

The Banger Bloggers: These are the ones you absolutely have to read. Although it must be said: I have a real love/hate relationships with these bloggers.

Sea of Shoes makes me want to live and die at the same time. Check out her last post on her new Chanel shoes....ugh.

Karla's Closet is one of my favorites.

Fashion Toast is an extremely popular blog but I kind of have issues with her style and so does Flavia. I read it anyway.

Childhood Flames is a written by a girl I'd really like to meet. She's about 15 and isn't arrogant about her blogging. I learned how to shred t-shirts from her video tutorial, so I love her forever.

The Glamourai is ridiculously beautiful and i hate/love her.

Style Bubble is kind of an blogger icon.


Aphex Nation is written by a pretty young lady from Australia.

BLEACH BLACK has awesome D.I.Y. projects and such if you're into that.

Calikartel has the best fashion spreads.

Lulu and your mom is the mother blog of Shoes and your mom

Mademoiselle Robot was my inspiration for scarf necklackes. She's so lovely.

SHOELUST is exactly what the name represents.

Song of Style has cute style. I like to see what she wears around San Fran.

The Coveted will teach you things about fashion AND beauty. I really like that aspect of it.

WhoWhatWear.com has cool celeb style and how-to-wear posts.

VICE Fashion Blog is just as ridiculous as the magazine.

NAST magazine is in French but it has gorgeous photos.

Friendz Blogz: They need to post more though!

The Brooklyn Avocado is my long-time friend Chris' blog. He lives in Brooklyn, obviously, and he'll teach you how to cook the natural way =)

The Moldy Bread is Flavia's long-time friend Lindsay's food blog. She's been neglecting it, but hopefully will pick back up soon.

Christopher Garland is my only kiwi friend's travel blog. He's quite the little journo.

And so it goes... is my friend Natasha's blog. Although I always thought the name was "On a scale of 1 to 10 griff, how drunk are you?" because that's how it shows up on my reader hahah.

The More That I Do is our friend Thomas' music blog... he's also known as the best DJ in Gainesville, according to the writers of this blog.

Popcorn Noises is our friend Sean's music blog. He's a little cutie.

Hope you enjoy looking at these! Tell us what your favorite blogs are. I always want new/pretty/fun blogs to read.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Treasure Hunting:

Yesterday I enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of thrifting with one of my fav cuties, Alex. We pretty much hit all of the Gainesville hot-spots, and found some great things along the way. I think I spent a grand total of $25. Here are some of the treasures I found:

First and foremost, I can't be happier about the amazing wooden coat rack I found! I've been desperately searching for one of these for soo long, and I finally found one. It's going to be covered with my favorite scarves and purses in no time.

I found this black blazer for $2! It's identical to the "Urban Renewal" blazers at UO.
I think that I am going to cover this one in vintage brooches.

Another $2 blazer. I like that this one is long, and you can't tell by the pose in this picture but it is really slim-fitting. It's my first grey blazer. I wish it wasn't so hot out!

Here is a great clutch that I found for $2 at the bottom of a huge bin. I love it because it is really textured and has brass hardware on it. The best part is that its huge, so I can actually lug all of my stuff around in it. I also found that cute little grey, reptile embossed belt.

See...muy grande.

Ok, these may be my favorite find...VINTAGE BLOOMERS!! I love these and I am so glad that I finally found a pair in hot pink! The bottoms are lace ruffles and the top is all rouched. Do you think these are too rediculous to wear out? I'm honestly not sure if I care, they may just be too cute not to actually take out on the town. Either way, I will cherish them.

Well, those are my latest gems. Have you guys had any luck thrifting lately? I've been having a pretty good run this summer. Things are getting a little hectic now that it's getting closer and closer to my trip! I need to start preparing my packing list. Well, I've got a date soo, good night! Oh, and about the hair...all I have is dinky iPhone pictures from the day I got my hair cut, so I guess I can post those until I get some better ones. My hair has grown into a pretty nifty 80's poof. Well, comment with your thoughts, they're always appreciated.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Flower Bib necklace cont'd

As an addition to Flavia's previous post, I found this necklace on Urban Outfitters site for $38, while the XXI necklace is only $8.50. Just thought you'd like to know.


Picture Me Documentary

Picture Me Trailer

I want to see this soo badly! It's a documentary about sexual assault in the modeling world. Read more about it on Fashionologie.

OH and have you heard about iPhone OS 3.0? Picture messaging, voice control, "find my iPhone" feature, cut/copy/paste, and video capturing! MMS is going to be crucial to mine and Flavia's shopping adventures. No longer will we have to e-mail pictures to one another. Unfortunately, MMS is not available for first generation iPhones... so I'm going to have to buy the new one when it comes out June 19. It would be exceptionally convenient for my upcoming train trip across the eastern U.S.! I want to document everything with video.

P.S. everyone convince Flavs to post pictures of her beautiful haircut. She's practically a skinhead if you didn't already know.



Friday, June 5, 2009


Hey, loves!

I've been on the lookout for statement jewelry, but of course something budget friendly. Around the end of spring semester I really wanted to DIY a bib necklace because they were all over the fashion week runways, but never got the time or aquired all of the perfect charms to do so. In the meantime, I came across this ornate floral bib necklace at Forever21, and thought it would do the trick!

I really like it because each tiny flower is unique, and they are all adorned with little gems and pearls. I also really like the asymmetrical shape. I've been very inspired by over-the-top Marie Antoinette style accessories lately.

Here's a close-up. Not bad for Forever21, right? I think it was a whopping $8.30. I'm sorry about the fuzzy iPhone photos! My digi keeps dying on me so I'm in the midst of buying a new camera before my trip.

I find a lot of beautiful bib necklaces on Etsy, but of course I can't indulge until I return to the motherland. I might make an attempt at some fabric bib necklaces before I go. Has anyone else fallen in love with this style? Fill me in!


Thursday, June 4, 2009



Do any of you readers ever go to the Neon Liger on Saturday nights? 
If so, let me know! I'd love to dance and hang out with you : )
If not, you should definitely check it out! It's a lot of fun because you get to dress up and dance the night away. 

The reason I ask is because these are a couple of polaroids that me and one of my besties, Zaira, took after last week's Neon Liger celebration. I wore my sparkly new tunic! It's a little silly, but from what I heard it was a big hit. Zaira looked super cute in this figure skater dress I got her. The coolest part is that she jazzed the outfit up by layering a DIY tutu underneath! Genius! We are in the midst of creating bigger and better tutus to layer under our basics. I think it completely changes the look of an outfit. 

This is Ben, Zaira's cutie boyfriend. I wanted to post this pola of him because I want boys all over the world to get this extremely important memo:
Wear Gingham! 
It's just the way to go. You can go ultra-casual and cute, or you can dress it up with some skinnies and a pair of oxfords. Either way, it's a great look. You can thrift it with ease, but lots of stores like Urban Outfitters and Express have it by the truck-load. 

I have some neat close-ups of the tunic that I have to scan. I wish I had more to post about, but I've been saving all of my $$$ for Italy, so I don't have many treasures to show all of you. Either way, I won't let you down! Expect some up-coming DIY posts!